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Riji coated high temperature food containers




Riji is a unique range of plant fibre trays and cups, which stay rigid at very high temperatures (250C) in professional microwave ovens such as Turbochef and Merrychef.

Riji is the answer to many of the fast food industry’s needs.  It saves time in operations, because chilled or frozen food can be delivered to the food outlet in riji containers, then it can be heated by operators, and sold to the customer without any need to decant the food.

Riji stays cool to the touch, even when it contains piping hot food, soup etc.; this is another reason it speeds up service.

It saves waste; one container goes from delivery to the food outlet, through purchase and consumption, to ‘green’ disposal – see below.

Using riji improves safety because there is no need to move hot food from one container to another.

And riji is 100% biodegradable/compostable, and can be recycled as card, so it ticks every ‘green’ box.

Riji is ideal for ready meals from the chiller cabinet, and for fast food outlets.

Riji can be film sealed with standard size D2 sealing machines, so it’s easy for food producers to switch from CPet or foil.  The tray also comes with an optional clip-on lid, which is recyclable.

Coated Riji is available in cups and trays

The price is currently on application.