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Riji® high temperature food packaging

Riji is a revolution in the food packaging industry. This ready meal food packaging remains stable in professional microwaves such as Turbochef and Merrychef, up to 250C. This makes it ideal for fast food outlets who want to serve customers quickly.

And that’s not all. Riji has a lower carbon footprint than traditional CPet or Aluminium food packaging.

Riji trays and cups are made from waste by-products from natural materials such as bamboo, wheat or sugar cane. This means that not only do they make use of something that’s normally discarded, they also emit oxygen whilst they are growing and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The ready meal tray can be film sealed using our sealing machine, or one that you already have from using CPet plastic trays. When using special biodegradable film the packaging becomes 100% biodegradable and can be thrown into customers compost heaps.

There are many benefits of using the Riji tray as your ready meal food packaging which can be found here. Customers will love that you have switched to using the Riji tray instead of CPet or aluminum as it shows you are taking environmental responsibility and at the same time helping them do their part by buying your product. To order click here.




What our customers say...

  • From ordering and paying to delivery the whole process was smooth and fast. Thank you KCC I will be ordering again soon! Busola – Castlesprings Ltd
  • When I started up in 2013 KCC provided the perfect answer for my organic meal delivery service. The microwaveable Locksafe tamper evident pots keep the our meals safe and give confidence to the customer that they are just as they left our kitchen. Georgia – Potage
  • We have found KCC’s service ideal, we get the pots we need when we need them. Emma Rowse – the Real Cornish Crab Company