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Food Packaging Solutions for a better, more sustainable future

KCC the Home of Sustainable Food Packaging

If food packaging is an important part of your life, particularly if you produce or sell ready-meals or salads, we might be a valuable partner for you. KCC offers performance packaging to protect your food products as responsibly as possible.

Our claim to fame is that we are leading the world with a carbon friendly and sustainable ready-meal tray, the Riji, which we understand the industry is crying out for. With KCC you can be amongst the first to start replacing cPet and aluminium foil trays with a 100% compostable alternative.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website call us on 01489 895 234. We might be able to help find what you are looking for and would love to have a chat!




  • Riji coated high temperature food containers   Riji is a unique range of plant fibre trays and cups, which stay rigid at... More Info
  • Naked Riji   Riji is a range of plant fibre trays and cups, which are great for... £29.00 exc. VAT More Info
  • 1000ml Rectangle LockSafe Box and Lids This is a nice, big container for packaging substantial quantities of food.  It's from our... £52.00 exc. VAT More Info
  • Coloured Premium Fork Our premium fork is made from a cornstarch hybrid material, which is ideal to lower... £44.00 exc. VAT More Info

Why sustainable?

Q: Why buy sustainable food packaging?
A: Because every swap to environmentally responsible food packaging is building a better future.

If we all did our part in looking after the environment the world would be a much better place, every little helps. Most of our food packaging is made from low carbon materials, and our own Riji Tray is 100% biodegradable making it the greener choice for food packaging.  We are passionate about the environment and want to help you reduce your carbon foot print.

What our customers say...

  • From ordering and paying to delivery the whole process was smooth and fast. Thank you KCC I will be ordering again soon! Busola – Castlesprings Ltd
  • When I started up in 2013 KCC provided the perfect answer for my organic meal delivery service. The microwaveable Locksafe tamper evident pots keep the our meals safe and give confidence to the customer that they are just as they left our kitchen. Georgia – Potage
  • We have found KCC’s service ideal, we get the pots we need when we need them. Emma Rowse – the Real Cornish Crab Company